Mexicali Decaf Single Serve Pods

20 reviews
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Mexicali Decaf Single Serve Pods

20 reviews
You Save: $-16.95 USD (100%)
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🌞 Start Your Day with Arbuckle's Mexicali: The Single Serve Sensation! 🌞

Elevate your morning routine with Arbuckle's Mexicali single serve K-Cup® style pods! Designed for those who seek an extraordinary coffee experience, each pod is a fusion of rich flavors and the convenience you love. With secret flavoring extracts, Mexicali brings you an exceptional flavor profile that combines the indulgent notes of chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon. This isn't just coffee—it's a flavor adventure in every cup, blending tradition with a taste of the exotic. 🌅


  • Superior Filter Design: Our double-pleated, high-depth filter ensures every ground is fully steeped, channeling the full spectrum of Mexicali's flavors into your cup. Enjoy a coffee experience that's as flawless as it is flavorful. ☕
  • High Extraction Rate: Experience the richness of Mexicali's chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon notes with every sip. Our specially designed filter enhances the extraction rate, ensuring a full-bodied, vibrant taste that's unparalleled.
  • Convenience Meets Quality: Arbuckle's Mexicali single serve K-Cup® style pods marry the ease of single-serve brewing with a gourmet flavor experience. Perfect for bustling mornings or relaxing starts, these pods deliver exceptional taste at the touch of a button. 🚀
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging: Our commitment to the planet is brewed into every cup of Mexicali. These K-Cup® style pods are BPA-free and 100% recyclable, ensuring your exquisite coffee experience is both guilt-free and eco-friendly. 🌍💚

Choosing Arbuckle's Mexicali K-Cup® style pods means transforming your coffee routine into a daily flavor celebration. Whether you're preparing for an action-packed day or savoring a moment of tranquility, Mexicali offers a unique blend of strength, flavor, and convenience. Dive into a cup of Mexicali and explore the depths of its secret flavoring extracts, where tradition meets an exciting twist of chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Embrace a world where convenience, quality, and environmental responsibility meet. Let Arbuckle's Mexicali single serve K-Cup® style pods be your gateway to an unforgettable coffee adventure, where every sip is a discovery!

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Up until the close of the Civil war, coffee was sold green. It had to be roasted on a wood stove or in a skillet over a campfire before it could be ground and brewed. One burned bean ruined all; there was no consistency.

In 1865 John Arbuckle and his brother Charles, partners in a Pittsburgh grocery business, changed all this by patenting a process for roasting and coating coffee beans with an egg and sugar glaze to seal in the flavor and aroma.

Marketed under the name ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE in patented, airtight, one pound packages, the new coffee was an instant success with chuck wagon cooks in the west faced with the task of keeping Cowboys supplied with plenty of hot coffee out on the range. ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE packages bore a yellow label with the name ARBUCKLES’ in  large red letters across the front, beneath which flew a Flying Angel trademark over the words ARIOSA COFFEE in black letters. Shipped all over the country in sturdy wooden crates, one hundred packages to a crate, ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE became so dominant in the west that many Cowboys  were  not  aware  there  was  any other  brand.  

Keen  marketing  minds, the Arbuckle Brothers printed signature coupons on the bags of coffee redeemable for all manner of notions including handkerchiefs, razors, scissors and wedding rings. To sweeten the deal, each package of ARBUCKLES’ contained a stick of peppermint candy. Due to the demands on chuck wagon cooks to keep ready supplies of hot ARBUCKLES’ on hand around the campfire, the peppermint stick became a means by which that steady coffee supply was ground. Upon hearing the cook’s call, “Who wants the candy?” some of the toughest Cowboys on the trail were known to vie for the opportunity of manning the coffee grinder in exchange for satisfying a sweet tooth. 

Today thanks to the folks at ARBUCKLE, the Cowboys’ favorite, ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE, is available once more. Complete with the original Flying Angel trade mark, these one pound packages of rich beans are every inch the full-bodied, aromatic coffee you get from ARBUCKLES’.  There’s even a stick of peppermint inside each bag! No longer just a fond memory for a dwindling breed of old-time cowmen, ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE is back as good as ever.

How do I store my coffee? Air tight container?

Oxygen is the enemy of fresh coffee. Arbuckle Coffee oxidizes at a slower rate and will stay fresh longer than our competitors because of our unique roasting method. An old fashion mason jar with a sealed lid is perfect for room temperature storage. If it will take longer to consume your coffee the freezer can keep coffee ground or beans fresh for six months.

Which is better: the refrigerator or the freezer?

The freezer is superior due to the colder temperature and dryer environment. The refrigerator will have too much moisture for long term storage.

What is the best coffee to water ratio?

Always start with two (2) HEAPING tablespoons for every 16oz of water and adjust from there. This is the most reliable starting point. The fineness of the grind will influence the extraction you get from the brew.

Which method is the freshest brew?

French Press will always brew out the finest qualities and traits of a particular coffee or blend. If there are certain traits and subtle nuances you want to notice in your brew then the French Press will be the most reliable. It all “boils” down to personal preference. A pour over Autodrip brewer can still provide for an outstanding cup depending upon the grind and amount of grounds.

Which is better to order, whole bean or ground?

It is ideal to order your Arbuckle Coffee in whole bean and grind your beans right before you brew your coffee; however, we are able to custom grind your coffee right before it ships with several options: espresso (very fine), auto-drip (medium & most common), French Press (coarse), Percolator (very coarse) and Campfire (very coarse). Because of our proprietary dry roast process, your ground coffee will stay fresh longer than nearly all of our competitors.

Does filtered water vs tap water make a difference in taste?

Yes and No: This depends on where you live. Quality of tap water and mineral content will vary throughout the country. It is possible that the impurities in tap water can create a more acidic aftertaste as well as a subtle metallic flavor. Bottled water can make for an expensive cup of coffee so sometime filtered tap water is a perfect alternative. Some mineral content in tap water will enhance the quality of the brew. If a water filter can remove impurities and chlorine from tap water but leave in some mineral content, this can be ideal for coffee brewing.

What stores sell your coffee?

In Tucson, Arizona, Arbuckle Coffee can be purchased retail at AJ’s Fine Foods, Whole Foods, Green Valley Pecan Gift Shop, and Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market

Does Arbuckle Coffee still have the patented egg and sugar glaze to seal in freshness?

It does not. We believe that we have improved upon this once patented process by utilizing our unique dry roast process that provides for a much longer shelf life than our competitors.

Is the flavored coffee gluten free?


How do I pronounce Ariosa?


What is the shelf life of the coffee?

Ideally our coffee should be consumed within 30 days of purchase; however, due to our unique dry roast process, our coffees will oxidize (go stale) at a much slower rate than our competitor’s coffee which is already stale by the time you purchase it or it goes stale much faster than Arbuckle Coffee. With that said, our coffees will be enjoyable up to 90 days from time of purchase if stored at room temperature and will stay fresh up to six (6) months from date of purchase if stored in the freezer.

Why does Arbuckle Coffee cost more?

Arbuckle Coffee will sometimes have a higher price point than our competition because we still package in 16oz one-pound bags. Most specialty coffee roasters sell their coffee in 12oz bags or smaller. We also have a proprietary dry roast provides MORE coffee per pound because we do not water quench our coffees in our roaster (water quench is an industry practice of actually spraying the beans with WATER at the end of the roasting process to speed up the cooling process as well as add WEIGHT to the final roast. We only purchase specialty grade coffees that are more difficult to acquire on a consistent basis. These coffee farms are typically smaller and have higher standards for harvesting and processing before shipment to the United States.

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Larry M.
United States United States

Excellent service great coffee

I was amazed by customer service department. The responded immediately after getting my question. I will be buying from Arbuckles again.

Cheryl S.
United States United States


My husband’s only coffee!

Dan M.
United States United States

Mexicali Decaf

Decided to try the decaf version as I really like the caffeinated one. Tastes just as good but unfortunately one pod had burst open, spilling the grounds over all the others. Little cleanup and all was good. Wife always does decaf and she also likes the mexicali pods.

Gary M.
United States United States

A great way to end a day !

I begin my day with full strength Mexicali coffee. In the late afternoon, early evening when it’s time to wind down, I enjoy Mexicali Decaf, all the body, and flavor, and great way to relax.

Brian C.
United States United States

Great way to try Arbuckles!

Josh...using the K cups to get folks trying far so so reaction! I passed some out at our Food Back and will do so again next week. Also on Sept 2nd I will be using it at our Men's Church Study that should get a good reaction...I will keep ordering and keep pushing the product....thanks