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Arbuckles’ Coffee began in the post Civil War Era of the 19th Century. Two brothers, John and Charles Arbuckle, initiated a new concept in the coffee industry; selling roasted coffee in one pound packages.  Until that time, coffee was sold green and had to be roasted in a skillet over a fire or in a wood stove.  You can imagine the inconsistency of the coffee.  One burned bean ruined the whole batch.  The Arbuckle Brothers were able to roast a coffee that was of consistently fine quality and the first to be packaged in one pound bags.

Needless to say, Arbuckles’ Coffee caught on like wild fire.  It was soon shipped around the United States and became a favorite in the Old West.  In fact, Arbuckles’ Ariosa Blend became so popular in the Old West that most cowboys didn't even know that there was any other.  Arbuckles’ Coffee was prominent in such infamous cow towns as Dodge City and Tombstone.  To many of the older cowboys, Arbuckles’ Ariosa Blend is still known as the Original Cowboy Coffee.

The Arbuckle Brothers enjoyed immense success into the 20th Century.  However, the company was broken up by the family in the late 1930’s and the only brand they produced that survived was Yuban.

In 1974, Pat and Denney Willis were concerned with the inconsistent quality of coffee they were forced to serve in their restaurants.  Instead of dealing with numerous coffee services that could only offer high prices and poor quality, they created their own coffee company.   With this Pat and Denney knew that they could promise a consistently good cup of coffee, better than the competition;   just what the Arbuckle Brothers had promised and fulfilled over 100 years earlier.   Arbuckles’ Coffee was reborn.

Arbuckles’ Coffee has garnered much acclaim throughout the coffee industry for their commitment to providing the consumer with fresh roasted coffee.  Arbuckles’ provides quality coffee to offices,  restaurants,  resorts and specialty markets; roasting its own coffee to ensure the customer have a fresh quality cup.  Arbuckle operates a 7,000 sq ft. facility deep in the heart of the Old West in historic Tucson, Arizona.  Priding itself in its heritage and quality, Arbuckles’ has resurrected the Original Arbuckle Brothers Ariosa Blend, The Coffee That Won the West.  It is packaged whole bean or ground in one pound increments with a Peppermint stick, just as the Arbuckle Brothers had done over a century before.  

John Arbuckle’s hand written notes, before his death in 1914, show he was trying to create a roasting method that suspended the coffee bean in air to low scorching from the hot metal roasting drum.  It was not until the mid 1970’s that Michael Sivetz patented a workable hot air roaster.  Arbuckles’ coffees are roasted in this small, hand-tended, state of the art, fluid bed air roaster.  This hands-on attention to roasting and continuous tasting of the finished product creates the ultimate cup of coffee.   Arbuckles’ has added its own touch to this by eliminating the water cooling system and replacing it with air cooling to prevent the coffee from absorbing the water and starting the staling process.  Most companies have only 2 percent shrink; when using a water quench system.  Arbuckle has over 20% shrink; however, this method provides the freshest tasting coffee with more of the lighter oils and sugars preserved.

This commitment  to quality has also allowed Arbuckles’ Coffee to become the first Certified Organic coffee roaster in the state of Arizona as well as becoming the first TransFair, Fair Trade coffee roaster which gives the coffee farmer a fair and stable price to count on each crop year.

Experience, expertise, curiosity and a willingness to go beyond tradition give Arbuckles’ the competitive edge.   The staff is energetic, dedicated, knowledgeable, and works with the company ethic because they believe in Pat and Denney’s concept of putting the customer first and producing the best coffee, tea and herbal drinks in the Southwest.

So brew up a pot of Arbuckles’ partner and enjoy the Sunrise!