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Memorial Day 2023

Posted by Josh Willis on

Memorial Day 2023

As the morning sun began to spread its warm embrace over the vast plains of the American West, the cowboy stirred from his rest. His day began just as any other, with the strong aroma of Arbuckle's Ariosa wafting through the crisp morning air.

Arbuckle, the coffee that fueled the West, was as much a part of the cowboy's routine as the saddle on his horse. The cowboys' affection for this particular brand was so intense that it was often called "The Coffee that Won the West." Filled with warmth and vigor, each sip was a salutation to the day ahead - a day of hard work, resilience, and an unwavering spirit of camaraderie that has come to define the cowboy spirit.

Yet, this day was not like the others. The last Monday in May marked Decoration Day, an occasion that was uniquely American and held deep meaning for the hardy cowboys of the frontier. The Cowboys, so often defined by their rugged individuality, were also men who valued community, kinship, and remembrance.

As the sun rose higher, they began the solemn rituals of Decoration Day. Even in the vast isolation of the West, they brought out small American flags, hand-sewn or bartered from a traveling salesman. Each flag was a tribute to those who had laid down their lives in service of the country.

Taking a moment from their bustling routine, they planted these flags alongside graves in the small family plots that dotted the vast landscape. These were places of rest for brothers, fathers, and sons who had served in the Civil War, their lives given in the service of a united and free America.

Each cowboy stood tall, hat in hand, as they shared stories and honored the memory of their loved ones. This was not entirely a day of mourning, but of honor and respect - of acknowledging the sacrifices made and the strength of the American spirit.

The warmth of the Arbuckle's Ariosa they sipped was a companion in this quiet reflection. It symbolized comfort, a sense of community, and a link to the home they protected. It was a simple ritual, but one that connected them to those who had served and sacrificed, those who had once shared in this daily cowboy tradition.

As the day wore on and the cattle needed tending, the cowboys returned to their duties, their hearts a little heavier, their resolve a little stronger. The spirit of those they remembered lived on in the tasks they performed, in the land they cherished, and in the values they held dear.

The cowboy’s way of life, centered around loyalty, courage, and a love of freedom, was a testament to those who had made the ultimate sacrifice. On Decoration Day, they ensured those values were honored, remembered, and carried forward.

On this Memorial Day, we invite you to join us in remembering and celebrating the strength of the American spirit, just as the cowboy did over a century ago. Let's honor our heroes over a warm cup of Arbuckle Coffee, as we reflect on their sacrifices and the legacy they've left behind.

Stay strong, stay resilient, stay connected - The Cowboy way.

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