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The only coffee for me
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I have been buying this coffee for over 2 years and then some, I love everything about it. from ordering to auto ship to the service, but the coffee is the best. I even take it on vacation with me . Nothing else will do. - Amy Quinn

Great mix of coffees
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I decided as much as I love the butter pecan coffee, since I'd bought other flavors for other people, I ought to try some myself. My advice is to buy 2 of everything - one for you to try - and love - and the 2nd to share with others ❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Lauren Kelly

The Coffee that Won the West
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A friend who owns a Chuck Wagon Catering business wanted me to experience the Coffee that Won the West, Arbuckle's Coffee. He said that if I was to talk about the coffee on cattle drives that I should experience the coffee I was talking about, and I did, and I am hooked. I have a cup in the barn when watching the horses or when listening to Don Edwards. A section of the Cowboy display is Arbuckle's Coffee. I lack one thing to make the display complete, a wood shipping box with the Arbuckle's logo on it. - Robert D.

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Organic Bolivian Colonial Caranavi

Organic Bolivian Colonial Caranavi


One Full Pound (16oz)  Certified Organic & Fair Trade from a small farm in the Caranavi Region of Bolivia that has an altitude of 1300 to 1700 meters.   

The cup profile is  a heavy rich aroma, low acidity, smooth body, with a sweet milk chocolate flavor.       

The annual harvest takes place from May to October.  

Located in a valley spread around the small city of Caranavi, located 4 hours from La Paz. The trip to Caranavi, which used to take 12 hours on the old road, named “Highway of Death” for its frequency of accidents, now cruises down eastern facing slopes of the Andes Mountains on a new smooth highway. Still, most coffee producers rarely see more than just the city of Caranavi, as their small scale farms are scattered over dozens of communities throughout the surrounding mountains and hillsides.     

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Up until the close of the Civil war, coffee was sold green. It had to be roasted on a wood stove or in a skillet over a campfire before it could be ground and brewed. One burned bean ruined all; there was no consistency.

In 1865 John Arbuckle and his brother Charles, partners in a Pittsburgh grocery business, changed all this by patenting a process for roasting and coating coffee beans with an egg and sugar glaze to seal in the flavor and aroma.

Marketed under the name ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE in patented, airtight, one pound packages, the new coffee was an instant success with chuck wagon cooks in the west faced with the task of keeping Cowboys supplied with plenty of hot coffee out on the range. ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE packages bore a yellow label with the name ARBUCKLES’ in  large red letters across the front, beneath which flew a Flying Angel trademark over the words ARIOSA COFFEE in black letters. Shipped all over the country in sturdy wooden crates, one hundred packages to a crate, ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE became so dominant in the west that many Cowboys  were  not  aware  there  was  any other  brand.  

Keen  marketing  minds, the Arbuckle Brothers printed signature coupons on the bags of coffee redeemable for all manner of notions including handkerchiefs, razors, scissors and wedding rings. To sweeten the deal, each package of ARBUCKLES’ contained a stick of peppermint candy. Due to the demands on chuck wagon cooks to keep ready supplies of hot ARBUCKLES’ on hand around the campfire, the peppermint stick became a means by which that steady coffee supply was ground. Upon hearing the cook’s call, “Who wants the candy?” some of the toughest Cowboys on the trail were known to vie for the opportunity of manning the coffee grinder in exchange for satisfying a sweet tooth. 

Today thanks to the folks at ARBUCKLE, the Cowboys’ favorite, ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE, is available once more. Complete with the original Flying Angel trade mark, these one pound packages of rich beans are every inch the full-bodied, aromatic coffee you get from ARBUCKLES’.  There’s even a stick of peppermint inside each bag! No longer just a fond memory for a dwindling breed of old-time cowmen, ARBUCKLES’ ARIOSA COFFEE is back as good as ever.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A strong contender to overthrow Mexicali as my favorite !!!

Something about the description of the coffee caught my attention; I've been drinking Mexicali as my singular coffee choice for 2 years now. I simply love the pure coffee flavor of the Caranavi. Reminds me of what I always expected coffee to taste like before I drank coffee but smelled my parents brewing their morning batch. I have been repeatedly disappointed in unflavored coffee until now. Thank you Arbuckle for making this an available choice.

Very good coffee

My usual order is the Mexical.. this was well worth it. Low acidity and very smooth flavor.

Our new favorite!

We originally got hooked on the Sumatra Vienna Blend, tried a few others and liked some, but until we tried the Bolivian Colonial Caranavi, nothing moved us as much as the SVB. But now - it's unanimous - we both love this one even more. (Bonus that is it Free Trade and Organic, too!) Back to order some more (2 or 3). Not overpowering or bitter but not wimpy either. Great flavor. Love it!

OBCC is the bomb!!!

Very good flavor. Enjoyed it. I haven't drank it all yet!!!

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